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 We will shop our companies to find you the best coverage.  
Coverage to protect your assets...
Coverage to protect you and your family...
Coverage to protect your pocketbook!!

Please check the list of our companies...We're sure you will recongnize the names.

Depending on the company you choose, you can get discounts for:

  • Being a Good Driver
  • Being a Good Student
  • Driving a Safe Car
  • Having a Homeowner's Policy with your auto insurance carrier

Jack be nimble ...Jack be quick...Jack check out your insurance rates QUICK!

Other advantages you could enjoy:

  • Free Windshield Repair
  • 24-Hour Claims Hotline
  • Guarantee on Repairs
  • Flexible Payment Options

Advantages vary from company to company, and some require the purchase of certain coverages. We'll review your options with you to find the company and the coverage that is right for you. 

                                                                                                                         Coverage you like...Coverage you can count on.

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